About Kruso

Nordic Digital Solutions Provider and Consultancy

Kruso is a digital solutions provider, specialising in complex web platforms and digital consultancy services. A close-knit team of sixty-five, we have offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Malmo, and bring over 20 years’ experience to everything we do.

Remember back when the iMac was introduced? We were helping companies successfully transform for the digital revolution even back then. We’ve learnt a great deal since. Particularly when it comes to understanding complex digital solutions, the business models they are built to support and not at least how organizations succeed with digital change.

A lot has changed since we started our journey. But we still retain the same can-do Nordic attitude and curiosity. We call that the “Kruso way” and it consists of some simple habits and beliefs:


  • We like to work in small smart agile teams in close collaboration and full transparency with our clients and their partners.
  • We believe in blended teams across competencies – this is where creative noise begins, and true innovation comes to life.
  • To succeed - each and everyone involved is and must be an expert in her field which contributes to the overall solution.
  • At Kruso – we are experts in digital tech and strategy.
  • It is in our DNA to collaborate with other experts. We are used to work in many constellations, most often as lead agency or side by side as equal partners with the best in the business. We strive to learn and share knowledge with others.
  • We strongly believe in high efficiency. We put great effort into being uncomplicated to work with and always stay on target by applying a value first approach in every decision made.

What can Kruso do for my organisation?

Working with us means that you will get:

  • a true digital partner and team player. We are in it for the long run, most of our client’s stick around for more than 8 years.
  • the full picture – we always strive to challenge your plans, innovate and strategically anchor our results – beyond code deployed.
  • a digital investment consultant with a constant eye on what creates value in every initiative we venture into together.
  • a partner that can take lead from strategy, UX, tech development, operations and marketing activation.

You can read more about our services here.

Wondering why we chose Kruso?

We explore. We’re insatiably curious. When the going gets tough, we roll our sleeves up and make it happen. So, when the name ‘Kruso’ popped up, we thought ‘this is the one’. Boxes started to tick. Robinson was a persistent explorer. He was bold, brave, experienced, wise, humble – and successful. All values that we believe define us. Values that give us an edge.

But what if you haven’t heard of Robinson Crusoe? No problem. We also just really like the way Kruso sounds! Not least because it’s simple and refreshingly unpretentious. Like we always aim to be.

Niels Ebbe Ebbesen


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Lars Ørum Andersen


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Martin Brinch Petersen


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Niels Brinkø


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Rune Galschiøt


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Anders S. Møller

Head of Customer Success and Operations

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Kruso Copenhagen

Kuglegården 17
1432 København 

Phone: (+45) 33 36 44 44

Mail: info@kruso.dk

CVR: 2552 4365

Marie Toft Odgaard

Project Manager

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Ole Jensen


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Kruso Aarhus

Søndergade 4, 3rd floor
8000 Aarhus C

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Lotten Holmgren

Managing Director

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Account Manager

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Kruso Malmö


Skomakaregatan 2

211 34 Malmö

Phone: +46 735 124970

Mail: contact@kruso.se


Wanna talk?

However complex the project, we aim to create simple, immersive experiences which put the user first. In doing so, we take into consideration everything that makes a web site successful, from design to management.