Billund Kommune

Billund gets unique editing tools and joint development with their new OpenPublic Web solution.

Billund Kommune attracts many tourists and travellers year around. Billund is most famous for their Lego based theme park, a fantastic waterpark and their large airport.

Billund Kommunes new website shown on tablets


To find a solution that would offer enough editing tools for the editors, and be a beneficial contributor in their daily work.


An OpenPublic Web platform containing a unique dashboard that accommodates the editors' wishes. In addition to this, Billund Kommune has been given the opportunity to join a user group with other municipalities, ensuring savings and mutual development of functionalities.


The OpenPublic Web dashboard enables the web editors to control, and perform quality assurance on content.

We have chosen Kruso's OpenPublic Web platform for two reasons: Kruso has developed the OpenPublic Web platform that provides a unique dashboard with editing tools that help assist, inspire and make the editors more efficient in their daily work. We expect a lot from these editing tools in relation to the editing work on our new In addition to this, we like the idea of a joint community with other municipalities.

- Lisbeth Lillelund, Development Consultant, Billund Kommune

Billund Kommune

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