Energy Frames

Does your building need a dynamic and intelligent framework?

Energy Frames are dynamic and intelligent frameworks that can create several innovative advantages. Energy Frames is characterized by the keywords; energy savings, better indoor climate, architectural liberty and montage.

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The involved parties wanted to have an configurator developed, that could function as a measurement tool to help provide some perspective on the financial advantages of having energy frames in connection to an entire space, or building – so they needed focus to be on both the energy saving – an financial aspects.


Inwido Energy Frames is a research project, done in cooperation between Inwido, Ramböll Management and Kruso, who has been in charge of developing the digital measurement tool which is of significant value for Energy Frames. The measurement tool is what helps potential clients determine if Energy Frames will be advantageous for them, or not. The entire development process has been effective and all involved parties has had a key role throughout the entire process. Energy Frames is a complex method of calculation which has been reshaped into a more simple and visual user interface.


With Energy Frames, it is possible to gain effective savings in energy, beneficial for all parties. In addition to this, it is now possible to apply a measurement tool, that can easily and fast provide an overview on whether or not, Energy Frames will be advantageous. Of course, there are many parameters to consider when deciding if Energy Frames will be a good idea or not, but energy saving is something that is a high priority for many, which also stresses how a project like this is relevant and can create value.

Energy Frames

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