Horsens Kommune

Attracting new potential citizens and businesses with their new Sitecore solution.

Horsens Kommune attracts new potential citizens and businesses

Horsens is one of the largest municipalities in Denmark experiencing large increase in people settling in recent years. This might be due to their successful branding strategy that puts Horsens on the map as a municipality with an extraordinary cultural life, strong identity and good living conditions. 

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Horsens has been a client at Kruso for almost a decade. Over the years digital has played a more and more central role in offering good communication and service to their existing and potential citizens and businesses. Especially balancing branding, communication and self-service in to one immersive and strong user experience is key to Horsens.


Horsens’ main digital platform runs on Sitecore 8.2 and consists besides the main page of a range of subsites. A range of integrations to e.g. and their ESDH systems ensures a smooth user experience letting users easily find what they came for.


Digital is key in Horsens’ success when it comes to attracting new potential citizens and businesses as well as offering efficient and relevant online services. The digital platform drives down cost by converting expensive and inefficient phone calls, personal visits and e-mails into self-service solutions on the website.

Horsens Kommune

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