A Progressive Web App as a first step towards the digital transformation of a global group.

Kruso as Lead Digital Transformation Partner of Nord-Lock Group

Nord-Lock is the world leader in secure bolting solution. The products are used in a range of critical applications e.g. wind turbines, high-speed trains, and rollercoasters. Customers include many of the world’s most respected and demanding companies e.g. GE, Siemens, and NASA. A significant part of Nord-Lock’s success can be attributed to the support and knowledge provided to customers.

Our collaboration with Nord-Lock started with a limited scope beginning in 2017: a Torque Calculator app. This is a high-performance app enabling users of Nord-Lock’s wedge locking washers to calculate the correct torque. With ambitions to be a digital leader, a mainly cloud based infrastructure and preference for agile development, Nord-Lock has since repeatedly turned to Kruso to develop state of the art digital services.


Image of our Nord-Lock solution


Nord-Lock is the world leader in secure bolting solutions. They wanted a high-performance app that would allow their customers and sales people to onsite calculate the correct torque for their wedge locking washers. The app should be available offline as well as synced with updated content and data values for calculations once online. The content should be available in several languages and Nord-lock should be able to serve the app with other relevant content.


We came up with a Progressive Web Application and a CMS hosted in the cloud. With PWA features, we created an experience similar to a native mobile app, by utilizing functionalities like the Service Worker and ”app cache” we were able to offer it offline, while including text and content from different markets. We used Umbraco CMS to simplify content editing and secure multi-language support. We chose Azure hosting to allow the application to scale with services like load balancing, CDN and more.


We proved that PWA were the best solution to answer Nord-Lock’s problem, allowing Nord-Lock’s customers and sales people to use an intuitive online and offline app instead of many Excel sheets and complex algorithms. The app has recently been launched and we look forward to seeing the first results!

“Nord-Lock is a demanding customer. We want any partner not only to deliver what we ask for here and now, but to challenge us and make us do what is best long term. That in combination with high competence and an agile approach makes our partnership with Kruso so successful.”

- Says Lars Christensson, Business Development Director at Nord-Lock Group.



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