Profil Rejser

Personalized travels start online with a powerful Sitecore solution.

Personalized travels online

Profil Rejser is one of Denmark’s largest tour operators specialized in offering individual tailor-made travels for each of their clients.

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Digital is key to Profil Rejser's strategy and the current Sitecore platform is their main sales channel. Through digital they create a coherent and inspiring buying experience to each of their clients across all channels and devices.


Kruso is helping Profil Rejser's omnichannel strategy to be brought to life. We partnered up in optimizing each user touch point, and created strong landing pages ensuring high conversion rates throughout the platform.


Today Profil Rejser offers their clients a range of advanced segmentation - features helping each client in creating their own individual travel experience. Next step is to embrace this personalization strategy even further by using Sitecore's many experience management tools.

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Profil Rejser

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