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A user-friendly solution both for staff, students and parents.

With more than 5.100 students and 867 employees spread on 3 different locations in Denmark, SDE needed a new digital identity and a technically strong platform to tie the entire organization together. In a collaborative process with Kruso, SDE received an up-to- date platform, for both the students, parents and employees of SDE.

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The initial challenge for SDE was their old CMS system, which was overly complicated and heavy to work in. The system and design had not been updated for years, and it did not appeal to either the students, nor the administrators. It was crucial to Syddansk Erhvervsskole, that their new site had a modern and responsive design, that could be managed from a user - friendly CMS system.


SDE created their new design, which was tested and UX optimized on a workshop with Kruso. The results of this workshop were a more user - friendly design with the right amount of content on each page, and a optimized navigation structure. SDE’s new site is developed with EpiServer CMS, and is integrated to the search engine Episerver Find. The employee phone book is also integrated to make it easy for visitors and students to find the right contact information.


SDE now has a visually strong and highly responsive site with maximum usability. The Episerver CMS system provides the administrators with a more simple platform, where they can easily create new content and inspire young people to find the trade of their dreams.

I am really positive. I think that the cooperation has been very professional, and project management has been really good as well. It is almost as if there has been two project managers which is something that i am not used to from previous web projects.

- Susanne Sangild, Web Editor, Syddansk Erhvervsskole

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