Data policy

Kruso has a solid transparent data policy in accordance with laws about how to treat personal data – also known as GDPR. 


Safety measures 

We have enacted internal rules about information security which contains instructions and precautions that protects your personal data against unauthorized disclosure. These rules also prevent irrelevant parties from gaining knowledge about or access to your data. 


The use of personal information 

Kruso does not collect personal data, from the users of their website, that makes it possible to identify individual users unless something else is stated on the website or in this policy 

If we do collect and analyze data about you, we: 

  • Treat the data legally  
  • Use information about you for the very purpose that is stated when registering 
  • Use only the personal data about you that is relevant and sufficient in regard to the purpose that is stated in the registration 
  • Delete your personal data when it is no longer necessary for the purpose of which it was collected, analyzed and stored. 
  • Do not pass on your personal data


We reserve the right to update and change the current policy. In the event of changes to the policy, we will correct the date for “last updated” at the bottom of the policy. In the event of serious changeswe will inform you in a clear and visible message on our website. 


Contact person regarding personal data 

If you have any questions in relation to Kruso A/S’ data policy, feel free to contact 
Kruso A/S 

Kuglegården 17
1434 København  




We use cookies on our website. A cookie is a small text file that we store on your computer to gather anonymous statistics about your visits on our website – both for this and future visits. 

We use the information to gain knowledge of our users' behavior on our website so that we can improve the site. For instance, we track which pages have the most visitors and where people click on those pages. 

Furthermore, the cookie remembers relevant choices you have made which helps us create the best experience for you when you visit our site – for instance, which language you used the last time you visited us. 

We do not use cookies to target you with ads – not on our site or any other media. 

A cookie is not a program and can therefore NOT contain any form of virus. 


IP address 

Kruso reserves the right to collect the IP address of our website’s users. An IP address is a unique number that is given to network units, computers for instance, which communicate with each other on the internet. 

Kruso uses the IP addresses for statistical purposes.


Insight, corrections, deletion and more

At any time, you have the right to know what data we are collecting about you, where we got it from and what we use it for. We can also inform you how long we store your personal data. 

If you believe the personal data, we collect about you, is inaccurate, you have the right to have it changed. You need to contact us and tell us where the inaccuracy appears and how to correct it. 

If you believe your personal data is no longer necessary regarding the purpose, we collected it for, you can ask us to have them deleted. You can also contact us if you believe the collecting, analyzing and storing of your personal data is in conflict with the law or other judicial obligations. 

You can use your rights by contacting us. Our contact info is stated above. 

When you request to have your personal data corrected or deleted, we will check if the terms are met and will, in that case, implement the correction or deletion as fast as possible.

We use cookies to optimize the website functionality and to give you a better experience. Some cookies are necessary for the website to function correctly. You can use our website without cookies, but it is still important to know, that we use them to give you the best experience

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