As a matter of fact, our take on this digital product area has many similarities to with how we approach e-commerce. However, where e-commerce is about lead generation and optimization of sales, Omnichannel Service is about ensuring a targeted and consistent service experience across touch points between your company and your customers.

What makes service-oriented solutions particularly interesting originates from the fact that we rarely (if ever) are able to measure return on investment in Euros and Cents. The key to the successful digital service experience, however, must be found in the direct linkage between strategic and tactic service goals and on the other side the customer’s online behaviour and transactions.

We find that today, Nordic companies and organizations are working under just as specific requirements to deliver visible and tangible value creation within the field of digital service, as those within the field of sales. Therefore, in these organizations, the teams responsible for managing investments in digital execution on service strategy need to have a well-defined set of success criteria for the solution – a KPI framework. This framework is also the product owner’s key to venture into a coordinated, result-oriented collaboration with several specialized partners regarding continuous optimization of the organization’s service interfaces.

Like commerce design, the driver behind a given KPI framework for service experience is the involvement of relevant subject matter experts who can ensure that the service-success stories, being the foundation for the technical solutions, are formulated as specifically as possible. Usually, we facilitate these insights gathering and strategy processes as part of our offering. In our experience having an outsider as the facilitator/moderator contributes to liberating the project team of our clients from the constraints of usual roles, norms, and corporate codex.

When it comes down to implementing the service experience out tools of orchestration are quite similar as to those of commerce:

  • API-design
  • Automation
  • Personalization
  • And of course, user experience

In recent years, the leading software-suppliers that we are partnering with have put a lot of work into fine-tuning the administrative and editorial interfaces to match the needs of marketing specifically. However, looking at these interfaces more closely, many of the actual marketing-specific features are in the labelling of tools and flows, using terms and taxonomy from sales and marketing out of the box. And, these are interface-details that can be individualized to meet the goals of the individual service-organization.

With our solutions, we have been a part of ensuring that passengers quickly find the right ticket on DOT Webshop, that the members of Ældresagen easily and effortlessly can book courses and events on æ, that with only one hand craftsmen all over the world can find the correct torque working with wedge-lock washers by means of NordLocks Torquelator app – and so much more.

Regardless of you facing digital transformation of your services or improving some of your exciting digital services we have developed special tools and approaches to hatch and drive good and meaningful websites for your customers and users.

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