Open Public

Fully tested technology, specially developed for municipalities and public authorities.

At Kruso we have developed our own unique setup for municipalities and the public. We call it OpenPublic, and provide both specially developed websites, and dynamic intranet-solutions. By choosing OpenPublic, you will become a part of our cooperation platform containing a unique digital community of development. The community offers a mutual dialogue, and financial cooperation centred around the development of new functionalities, and new features.

As a municipality you can split the costs, and the joint development-pool will finance the continuous development of the web-platform. New municipalities will join the same platform as the ones already using the solution, and will benefit from the growing palette of features, instantly.

Learn more about Open Public here

We have chosen to cooperate with Kruso on the OpenPublic platform due to its level of user-friendliness.

- Lasse Nielsen, Helsingør Kommune

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