At Kruso, we are first and foremost doers – through the last 20 years we have enthusiastically played our part in the development of a more digital world. We love being part of hundreds of important technical solutions providing better service experiences for our client’s customers, fellow citizens and employees. Our technical solutions extend from global commerce platforms, big CMS based sites to custom-build business systems and web apps.


Have you ever felt that your digital development partner did not understand you?

At Kruso we understand that technical development of complex digital platforms is just as much about communication and strategic insight as actual technical abilities. This is whether the solution offers self-service, e-commerce, marketing, or internal communication. Therefore, all our customers have a dedicated client lead, a senior consultant who besides being a system architect also is your strategic advisor and best friend regarding the technical solution.

We are Episerver Implementation Partner, Umbraco partner, and Sitecore Silver Partner because we see these systems as the strongest when it comes to license-based CMS and Open Source based CMS.
We work by a 100-pct. agile development method and a MVP process that ensures short time to market with the strongest platform possible.

This approach keeps us laser sharp on what provides the most value for you – both short and long term.

With more than 300 successful implementation projects we dare to say that we know what it takes to make your digital project a success. So, no matter what development project you are facing we believe, we can help you reach your goals.


  • Site migration or upgrade
  • Architecture Services
  • Agile development
  • CMS Implementation
  • MVP
  • .NET
  • Governance
  • Standardized test and quality assurance



An international and strategic important solution is revitalized.

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How many integrations projects have you been through?

At Kruso we dare say, we have seen almost everything by now. Anything from old-school bookkeeping systems to modern microservice architecture. From Enterprise Service Bus to lightweight RESTful API's. We take pride in developing pragmatic solutions across systems and activate the data you have available.

In addition, we have great experience working with other IT-partners – internal as well as external. We know that the secret sauce in integrating different business-critical systems is, to make ends meet across demands, interests, departments, and platforms. Therefore, we value strong cooperation. And one thing is certain – interaction across your systems is important no matter what platform you are responsible for.

Data matters

Today, customers and citizens expect you to know them and their history - and that requires data. If you want to communicate relevantly and presently with your users the key is efficient integration between your platform and several third-party systems like CMS, Product Information Systems, Booking Engines, CRM, DAM, or commerce systems.


  • API
  • Microservices architecture
  • Enterprise Service Bus

DOT Webshop

A simple and intuitive e-commerce solution where customers can buy a range of tickets in one single shop across three individual transportation providers.

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Progressive Web App (PWA) is a browser-based approach to mobile platforms, creating a fast, reliable, and engaging user experience. By combining the options from traditional browser-based technology with all the advantages in a mobile experience you make conversion optimization easier, allow better reengagement, and reduce the rejection rate – while you use less data than you would using a native app. Therefore, we are convinced that PWA is the future within digital/mobile services and commerce solutions. PWA is characterized by functions like extremely fast loading time, the ability of using apps offline, push-notifications, and installation to your home screen (icon).


  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • React
  • JavaScript

Nord-Lock Torquelator

A Progressive Web App as a first step towards the digital transformation of a global group.

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Bespoke software

We love exploring new possibilities and find unbeaten tracks, which is why we are not afraid of moving outside the standard web systems we often work with – and all the way “to the other side of the API”. In those cases, we work with custom-builds of both large data-heavy and business-critical platforms  as well as smaller plug-ins and modules that expand and bend the exciting systems to support your business in the best possible way.

Just like our standard systems, we base these solutions on .net and JavaScript and believe in open and modular system architecture build as microservices.


  • Microservices
  • .net
  • JavaScript
  • Agile


How Domain Driven Design and an (almost) text book agile collaboration allows total modernization with the daily operation.

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