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Kruso is among the leading suppliers of Sitecore in the North. The World's best Web Content Management system according to analysis agencies.

With Sitecore you get full flexibility and freedom to build a digital universe, that can handle CMS, Content Marketing, and Commerce in one integrated platform.

Kruso and Sitecore already started their partnership before the first commercial Sitecore-solution was developed. Sitecore’s development platform provides 100 percent freedom to create unique solutions centred around the rock-solid CMS and a very integration-friendly platform. Combined with the highly improved user interface and all-in-one platform philosophy, Kruso has developed multiple unique, complex, and scalable solutions on Sitecore.


Why Sitecore?

Versatility is one of the reasons for using Sitecore’s many different solutions

  • Municipality chooses Sitecore for stability, security, and integrations
  • Government, regions, and educational institutions chooses Sitecore for the amazing way to handle scaling and multisite.
  • Private companies focus on Sitecore’s scalability, performance optimization, and freedom to develop a system optimized for business.

From the beginning, Sitecore has defined the development of the entire industry for CMS. It becomes very clear with systems inspired by Sitecore’s technical foundation and functions. Therefore, Sitecore is often chosen when the need for being digital is crucial for the future of the business, or when strategy focuses on being the best digital in the industry.


Sitecore is not just a CMS but a platform handling your entire digital presence.

Since 2008, Sitecore has, as the first in the world, developed a long list of marketing-focused components in their platform and created a system that is able to be the center of marketing and communication. Via a database that intelligently stores all traffic and behaviour across all users and touch points for platforms, it is possible for Sitecore to enrich viewing of content with personalization, marketing automation, and optimization. This naturally provides the possibility of working data driven and creating insights through reporting, statistics, and analysis. A platform with options such as content editing, reporting, and marketing tools at hand in the same systems provides a strong combination for companies headding for digital transformation but also need an agile transformation process in which technology cannot be limiting or a flow constraint.

Kruso has experience with the entire Sitecore platform, and as a natural extension of development and operations we particularly focus on strategy and consulting regarding Sitecore.


Sitecore is also for E-Commerce

Sitecore has always had a strong focus on commerce. That is why the platform is prepared for integration with the most used commerce platforms on the market. Today, it is also possible to use an Enterprise-ready Commerce system built in Sitecore, it is not just fully integrated but an extension of the platform. Does your company digital experience depending on content and commerce together – then Sitecore Commerce is the right choice.  


Of course, Sitecore is prepared for Cloud such as IaaS and PaaS. A lot of concepts and considerations are related to transitioning to the cloud. Have a chat with us and learn from our experiences. Kruso was the first to move a Sitecore solution in PaaS.


Interaction across functions is Sitecore’s strength

Working with Sitecore, Kruso is not looking isolated at single functions as there are countless possibilities with Sitecore and the combination as well as the applications are almost endless. Instead, we look at how technologies can solve specific tasks for organizations, an area of the solution, or the individual user.

With Sitecore you get a coherent platform with a huge potential

  • Easy and simple to orchestrate data and content across channels
  • Possible to include and adapt data and content from other sources

At Kruso we have an agile intake creating value and solving critical challenges for the individual. For this purpose, Sitecore is an amazing toolbox containing most, avoiding flow constraints and price-increasing extensions and acquisitions.

Kruso is experienced developing after Helix, which are the newly deployed development principles. This provides our customers with an optimal, future maintenance, support, upgrade, and use of new functions in future versions. Since introducing Helix, Kruso develops all our new solutions after Helix.


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