Dream big, build small, and move fast.

We eagerly accept the greatest and most difficult digital challenges. But we also acknowledge that big challenges come with equally big risks as our customers’ time and money are at stake in each project. As our customers’ strategic partner, we are therefore first and foremost their specialized investment adviser. We base our strategy services on tools that allow us to make the best digital decisions businesswise – together with our customers.

Technical Consulting

We help you navigate through all technical difficulties a digital transformation brings – regardless of us being responsible for the actual development or “just” the consulting part. We always think beyond the specific project with a long-term focus on aspects like ROI, TCO, scalability, modular architecture, code reuse, and the building of a governance structure that provides you with the right level of control over your platform. As your technical consultant we continuously help you prioritize your investment most effectively and ensure your digital reach keeps expanding and is scalable.  


  • System architecture  
  • Technical roadmap  
  • Supplier selection
  • Governance
  • GDPR compliance
  • Test procedures
  • Continuous deployment
  • Automation


When professional digital consulting and implementation are essential for global success.

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Digital Strategy and Execution

Strategy. A simple thing when you have it. Complex when you have to define it. And when you add “digital”, it becomes further alienated to many companies as this addition indicates the need of extensive knowledge about technology to even be allowed to think about it.

Many consulting firms with different focuses like management consulting or auditing have noticed this opportunity in recent years and have expanded their business to offer digital strategy development as well.

Kruso is a technical solution provider. We are here to build; to execute. This has rubbed off on our process for strategy development which always includes a plan for accomplishing our client’s biggest goals.


  • Mapping: Connecting business perspectives to digital focus areas
  • Score-session: Digital Strategy execution
  • Data & Analytics
  • Business Case
  • MVP Road Map

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Personalized travels start online with a powerful Sitecore solution.

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Strategic - Tactic Oriented User Experience

The UX-discipline must of course be in contact with all interest- and user groups relevant to a given digital product. That is why we practice User Experience through several different competencies and roles – with a broad-spectred orientation.

At the strategic level, UX is about mapping and describing the “success stories” that your channels can give the users through beautiful interaction. Every time a user goes online, it is with a specific purpose. A success story describes how this purpose is achieved most efficiently. In the further agile development process these success stories are the starting point for “Epics”. An Epic can be broken down into smaller, individually executable pieces. We will help you identify and prioritize the part-stories that will bring most value when executed. In this way, you will be able to execute your strategy in a pace matching your company’s budget and resources.


  • Mapping of User and Stakeholder groups
  • Definition of Success Stories/Epics
  • Customer Engagement Framework
  • Prototyping

Tactic-Operational Oriented User Experience

In this part of the UX field, we focus on problem definition and problem solving/executing. We test and clarify concepts through visual specification methods making it possible to run agile development projects that keeps an intensified focus on the end user without losing momentum.


  • Data and User Flows
  • Interaction concepts
  • Wireframe prototyping
  • UX Writing




Data & Analytics

Through data, you figure out the truth about your customers, becoming capable of creating relevant and meaningful conversations with them. Not only do we help you understand your customers’ needs through thorough reports. We also prepare, compose, and run strategic action plans utilizing data in relation to both media activation and platform development.

Our services are divided into three categories:

  • Digital marketing strategy: How do you ensure visibilty in the right places?
  • SEO: Increase the organic traffic to your digital platforms through continuous search engine optimization.
  • Data Driven Site Optimization: Which user flows and conversion points are performing best – and how do you improve them?


  • KPIs
  • User insights and business understanding
  • Website optimization and -analysis
  • SEO – advising and reporting
  • Digital advertising/SEM

Syddansk Erhvervsskole – SEO consulting

After meeting with Kruso's SEO consultant, Syddansk Erhvervsskole has increased its organic visibility by 44 % in just three months – and they have only just started.

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