It's all about the consumer

Today's consumer is hyper­-connected. Moving seamlessly across touch­-points she/he has instant access to information. There is no longer a strict linear funnel of engagement. Discovery, research, product comparison, purchase and even product support moves from digital to brick-­and-­mortar, from mobile to in-­store, from website to Facebook. Information is the main goal. She/he expects up-to-­date, consistent information throughout their journey, and your ability to provide branded content across touch-­points becomes a key differentiator.

How do we work with e-commerce?

At Kruso we are strong believers in this convergence between Content and Commerce. We combine solid experience building e-­commerce platforms, with 20 years experience working with Content Management projects across multiple sectors and all project size. 


For Commerce to be truly contextual it needs to be integrated into your content management system, PIM and CRM. Using a range of powerful .Net commerce engines we can provide fully integrated, omnichannel commerce solutions across a variety of content management systems.

We also understand that the difficult part of e­-commerce is ensuring the long­term success of the platform. Ensuring that the shop is always updated, and follows brand guidelines as well as adapting to new product offerings and business models requires an agile approach as well as a solid technical foundation. Making the shop easily maintainable by staff requires a solid focus on the usability of backend systems.

All this and more is part of the Kruso promise. We have assembled a strong e-­commerce team with experience from multiple platforms,including mobile commerce, and can help with all aspects of an e-­commerce project including technical consulting, e-­commerce strategy, usability and integrations.


There is no longer such thing as a linear predictable engagement funnel.

Tomas Krag CTO, Kruso

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