Digital Strategy

It all begins with a plan

Our 2 decades in the digital business has taught us that the road to success in any digital project starts and ends with a well thought through plan – a Digital Strategy.

In recent years, the term "Strategy" combined with "Digital" has been used diligently and creatively. As a result the common understanding of what exactly lies behind this particular strategic discipline has become somewhat blurry.

So, in defining your digital strategy, how exactly can Kruso help your business?


How do we work with digital strategy?

Well, from our side of the table a digital strategy should combine user and business insights with deep technical understanding of the entire digital ecosystem of your business. In order to obtain this knowledge, we start out by mapping out important business opportunities and challenges, user journeys and touch points of your respective business. Based on that, we identify and elaborate on the digital focus areas that relate to both current practical challenges – Quick Wins – as well as high-level strategic opportunities – Long-term Business Differentiators.

These insights are translated into a digital master plan – the Road Map – that will be your strategic planning tool in the continuous process of transforming your business and achieving your business goals through Digital investment.

"Dream big, build small, and move fast."

Rune Galschiøt, CSO, Kruso

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