Align you channels

No matter what your digital solution is, one thing is certain. You will make a greater impression if all your channels are aligned. Whether e-commerce, self-service or marketing, your users expect you to know them, and that requires data. Integrating your web solution with CRM systems, Product Information systems, booking systems or similar is no longer optional if you are aiming for digital excellence.

How do we work with integrations?

At kruso we have seen it all. From old-school bookkeeping systems to modern micro-services architectures. From Enterprise Service Bus to light-weight RESTful APIs. We know how to build pragmatic solutions across multiple systems, activating the data you have available across your other systems.

We have a reputation for playing nice with your internal IT department, as well as your existing IT partners. While we are happy to build complex integrations we are 100% digital experts, and understand the need to work closely with various domain experts when integrating to business critical systems.

"APIs are really that secret sauce that makes things possible."

Carl Kennedy, Coca-Cola Enterprises

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