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Content Management, Experience Management, Product Information Management, Digital Asset Management, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, E­Commerce Engines, Omnichannel, Multi­lingual, Scalability, Cloud and Social Media Management. Confused yet?

Let us be your strategic partner

At Kruso, we act as a strategic partner and help you navigate the technical challenges and choices of a digital project, whether we're part of the implementation team, or "just" offering our advice as consultants.

System Architecture design, Software vendor selection, project governance, efficient agile builds, test and launch processes are all at heart of our consulting services. We take a long­term view of your digital platforms, as supplement to the short­term perspective of a specific implementation.

We can talk about ROI and TCO, while also thinking about modular architectures and code reuse. After launch we help you figure out where to place your ongoing investment, and how to ensure that your digital reach is constantly improving.

We can help you choose the right systems based on your requirements, and can also help with some of the surrounding issues that come from increased digital transformation.

Compliance challenges, Data Privacy (and the EU­GDPR) and accessibility amongst many others.

"Building the right things is as important as building things right."

Niels Simonsen Brinkø, Technical Client Lead, Kruso

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